1. Do your fee earners communicate with their clients via text message and online case tracking software?

2. Does your firm equip its fee earners with apps and tools so they can progress cases whilst out and about?
E.g. can they photograph a parking receipt on their tablet whilst out and add it to a case?

3. Does your firm have a social media strategy?

4. Are your fee earners using case management software to manage their case loads?

5. Are your fee earners valuing, managing and capturing all of their billable time accurately?

6. Are your systems fully integrated?

7. How switched on is your firm re cyber-security and anti-fraud mechanisms (e.g. email encryption etc.)?

8. How paperless is your firm? E.g. is your knowledge sharing, procedure manuals and standards kept online or in filing cabinets?

9. Are you using the goldmine of data held in your practice management system (e.g. for decision making after analysing client and prospect behaviour)?

10. Is your practice management system and other key integrated tools hosted securely on the cloud?

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